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Embark on a Cannabis Quest, Humber Hawks! Your Journey Starts Here.

Welcome to Royal Cannabis Supply Co., your premier cannabis destination right in the heartbeat of Humber College. We're not just a store; we're your gateway to the world of premium cannabis experiences.


🌿🔍 But here's the exciting twist: A secret green QR code has been discreetly placed somewhere within the college grounds. Yes, you read that right! A treasure hunt like no other. The first intrepid explorer to crack the code will unlock a prize worth over $200! 🏆💰

Oh, and that's not all – we're rolling out the green carpet for you. Get 20% off your first in-store purchase, and we're keeping the good vibes going with a steady 10% student discount on every visit. Just swing by, share the code word "TANGIE," sign up, and you're good to go!

As you soak in the camaraderie of campus life, keep your eyes peeled for the verdant QR code that holds the key to extraordinary rewards. It's a chance to win big while indulging your sense of adventure. Plus, with our exclusive range of artisanal cannabis products and 2.0 delights, your discoveries don't end with the hunt.

Here's the buzz: Our story goes beyond the store. We cultivate our cannabis right here, on-site, and guess what? You can actually feast your eyes on the thriving plants when you step into our store. Witness the journey from seed to bud, and experience firsthand the dedication that goes into crafting top-tier cannabis.


Stay connected, Humber Hawks. Follow us for clues, updates, and more as the hunt unfolds. Let the quest begin, and may the swiftest scanner claim the ultimate cannabis prize!

Ready to redefine your cannabis journey? It all starts here, at Royal Cannabis Supply Co.

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