Farm to Customer

Royal Cannabis Supply Co. is the first farm gate location in the Greater Toronto Area, and only the second location in the entire country! We opened our doors to the public in early July on a cultivation site operating as Medz Cannabis Inc., where we cultivate strictly small-batch CRAFT cannabis under our home-grown brand, Royal Cannabis Supply Company (dried flower)!


Additionally, we produce on-site premium 2.0s including; Fritz's Cannabis Company (gummy connoisseurs), The Hash Corporation (hashish products), Harts (slim pre-rolls), Glow LifeTech (soluble), and 6Pak Solutions (packaging).


Due to the mixed licenses and security regulations needed to permit us to grow on-site, customers will be greeted by power gates on our property. Simply pull up to the gates and give us a buzz and check out our very own cannabis community!


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To offer customers a unique shopping experience where we can offer and sell our home-grown products.



To create a cannabis-hub where producers, packagers, and customers can come together at one place to bond over our common passion; cannabis.