Farm to Customer

Our Flower and Cannabis 2.0 Products Cultivated & Produced on site of our Retail Shop!

Medz Cannabis Inc., is a unique federally licensed cannabis production and processing facility in the Greater Toronto Area. Royal Cannabis Supply Co. is our craft cannabis brand specializing in hand trimmed, hang-dried, indoor grown, non-irradiated and pesticide free cultivation practices. Consumers can visit the site and shop directly from our farmgate storefront, one of the first in Ontario!
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Nostalgic hashish products.  Authentic smells, tastes, and experiences.  Through our collection of globally recognized heirloom genetics, knowledge of old-world practices, and an intense passion for the cannabis plant, HASHCO’s products will consistently deliver an unmistakable experience.
Fritz’s is partial to delicious, sweet, exceptional experiences. With years of experience perfecting edible concoctions in the legacy market, Fritz’s is thrilled to be bringing our recipes and methods to the regulated market to create consistent, effective, tasty cannabis products.
Founded by a small group of friends with one goal  – to supply affordable and consistent pre-rolls filled with nothing but full-flavoured flower. Too often, they were let down by the pre-rolls in the market due to unwanted strains and varying quality. Harts is single-mindedly driven to deliver the best pre-roll experiences for Canadians by using 100% buds from top strains, and modern technology for consistency and quality.
Bringing plant possibilities to life. We believe nature is the most sophisticated research laboratory on the planet, with the power to enhance our health & well-being. Glow unlocks the full healing potential of plants by combining natures best active compounds with advanced technologies, to create highly effective, science-backed natural ingredients that redefine what’s possible to achieve with natural health products.
Evanesce Farms is dedicated to bringing low-THC inhalable products to consumers who are looking for an alternative to THC or Nicotine. By using the best genetics available with low grade THC or zero THC content, Evanesce can support consumers looking to quit or reduce Nicotine or THC use.
Pharm’s CBD products are derived from outdoor grown hemp on Canadian farms. Our extracts are manufactured in Redvers Saskatchewan, where we are working with local berry producers to bring beneficial sea buckthorn extracts and other locally-sourced berry extracts to the Canadian and global markets. Our final processing step is conducted at the Medz Cannabis facility.